With our outdoor adventures, we advise you to leave the ‘boring’ in the city, make no excuses and take the risk, as you try our outdoor adventures that will surely increase your adrenaline level.


We pride ourselves to be the ‘longest’ Zip-line in Luzon (1.2km). With metal cables set up from the high ground, slanting down to a lower area and connecting to the cable is a pulley with a harness meant to hold people as they zip down to lower ground. The ride is usually a scenic one, and it can feel like flying. We offer two (2) types of position: Sit-down position and Superman position. And, as for kids who are too young to ride alone, we have our Tandem position where their guardian can ride with them.


With our Tower at 60-70 feet high, anyone who enjoys an adventure with heights will definitely enjoy these adventures: Rappelling is the most dangerous—and frightening—part of climbing. It is the only time when you rely on single systems, such as one rappel device and one carabiner—your life depends on your gear and whether you use it correctly. As for the Wall-Climbing adventure, the rope that you tie into is already running through an anchor at the top of the tower. As the you climb up the wall, the belayer takes up slack through a belay device. Lastly, there is no need for a plane or intensive training before you take the leap with your Free-Falling adventure where you will be dropped from the tower freely by our well-trained technical staff.


Despite its dangerous looks, our Hanging Bridge is a relatively safe bridge and has become something of a tourist draw, with hikers gathering their courage and testing their nerves as they carefully walk across with 150 meters long and 21 meters high.