Besides our outdoor adventures, we also offer other activities that are fit for guests who would just like to relax, have fun and enjoy the scenery of Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp.


We are the first and only place in Tanay that uses these fishes called, Cichlid, to exfoliate feet safely and gently. All you have to do is stick your feet in the tub and the fishes remove dead skin cells and also serve as a micro massage of the feet and legs, improving blood circulation. This experience is slightly ticklish at first, but skin instantly becomes softer, smoother and callus-free.


Sometimes when you just want to let off some steam and going to the gym isn’t just enough, try our Shooting Range where you will use Tippman air gun to shoot rubber balls against metal plates. Not only will you enjoy this activity, but you would also learn safe gun handling skills and a better understanding of airguns in general.